I created these lovers sculptures as a way of showing the ways in which two people can merge together in perfect harmony. Just like in life, there is not really a point where one person stops and the other begins. Two people create one beautiful flowing form of love together. With no faces for the eye to focus on, the eye is drawn towards the flowing lines and universal gestures.

Click on any image to see more and discover what stage in a relationship each lovers sculpture represents.

romantic gift

romantic gift

anniversary gift

pregnancy gift

"Dreams of Love"
when lives and dreams fit perfectly together.
18 x 9 x 7 cm (9" x 4" x 3" )

"Tantric Love "
A relationship filled with passion, energy and intensity.
size 14 x 10 x10 cm (6" x 4" x 4") $95
"The Lovers"
symbolises the highest ideals of a loving relationsip.
size 14 x 10 x10 cm (6" x 4" x 4")
"Three of Us"
celebrates the ideal of pregnancy
size 14 x 10 x10 cm (6" x 4" x 4") $95


wedding gift

Wall Hanging Sculptures


wedding present

Growing Together
like two separate trees,
soulmates lives become intertwined
A beautiful and sensual wall hanging

48 cm x 18 cm x 2 cm (19" x 7" x 1")

Together We Dream
The sum of each part becomes greater
Here You create a space
Where you dream your lives together

Cast metal wall hannging sculpture
size of pair 30 cm x 27 cm (12" x 11")

Gay and Lesbian Sculptures
lesbian sculpture
Twin Souls
A perfect state of friendship and love shared between women.
Soulmates Men
Celebrates a feeling of love and passion between men

My sculptures are often purchased for gifts and I am happy to gift wrap it for you free of charge and send it directly to anybody you choose anywhere around the world. If you request it, I will even include a lovely handwritten card with your own special message.




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