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'Together We dream

Our Story began twelve years ago, as two different travelers meeting each other in a strange land. I was on my way back from South America and had stopped in to visit my sister in Chicago. It was here that I first met Sofan and my whole life changed. Our story of love had begun.

You couldn't possibly have had two people from more dissimilar backgrounds. Sofan was born and raised in the crowded, bustling city of Hong Kong, while I had spent much of my formative years in isolated bushland settings.

Sofan has always known she was an Artist, while I didn't discover my talents until much later. Sofan had a University degree in Fine Arts while I had left school at fifteen to travel around Australia doing odd jobs. The list went on and on, and yet somehow, all the differences didn't matter that much.

Sofan left her artistic life in Chicago, to chase her dreams in Australia. From the busy streets and galleries of one of the worlds great cities, to living in a tiny hut in the bush. Possums, carpet snakes and native bush rats all scampering through our little place. After the initial cultural shock had worn off, Sofan was to enter a new stage of joy and heightened awareness. It was during this time that the painting "Absolute Happiness" was born.

Our next move took us to an isolated, windswept ridge in the mountains. Another little cabin surrounded by beautiful flowers and thousands of acres of pasture and forest without other people.

Weeks would sometimes pass where the only other person we would see was each other. We spent two years here, growing vegetables, painting and spending countless hours riding our two beautiful horses through forestry trails. Many of Sofan's vibrantly, colourful horse paintings are inspired by moments from this period.

It was here that Sofan bought me my first set of wood carving tools and told me to make something for her. Although I had never thought of myself as an Artist, I had always been good with my hands. Working on houses as a carpenter and builder had given me a love of wood.

The first things I made were very rough and basic. A simple carved flower, a leaf or two...It didn't matter, Sofan was always so encouraging and so I kept at it. Once I discovered my own Artistic gifts, our lives began to truly grow together.

Our lives were filled with so many wonderful things. Only one thing was missing. We knew that we needed to share our Artworks with as many other people as possible. It was time to return to the city. We set up our first studio in a a tiny boat shed overlooking the beach on an island about one hour north of Sydney.

The movement of the tides suddenly became a huge influence in our lives, as the only way onto the island is by boat. At low tide we had to wade through a hundred metes of oozing black mud, while at high tide the water gently lapped against the beach only metes in front of our door.

Constantly looking at the water had an huge effect on both of us. Sofan's Artworks became filled with watery colours, fluid, flowing movements and brightly colored fishes. These paintings give out the wonderful, calming energy that comes from spending so much time at the water's edge.

We both entered a period of Artistic frenzy. I would come home after a days building work to spend long hours with Sofan, late into the night, carving and painting. I started working in other mediums. Carving with the local Sandstone and experimenting with metal casting. Our works became filled with happiness and delight as we began to live out our dreams. Our Artworks began to sell.

It had always been our Dream to be able to make our living from selling our Artworks. So many people loved the happy energy that come through our Artworks, that we decided to make an affordable range of high quality Artistic reproductions. We started selling limited edition prints and sculptural castings at the local Arts Markets. The Art of Happiness was born.

One of the most satisfying things for Sofan and myself has been the many people who come back to tell us what a difference in their lives our Artworks make. We are here on this planet for such a short time. Lets learn to make the most of it and fill our lives with Love, Laughter and Happiness. We are living our Dreams. You can too.

May your life be filled with love and happiness

Rochman Reese and Sofan Chan


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'Together We Dream'

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'Absolute Happiness

'My Friends'

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'Growing Together'

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'Tranquil Waters'

'Blue Lagoon'

'Spirit of Delight'

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'Lily of Consciousness'

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