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Horses have always fascinated me. Their strength, their beauty and the friendship they so easily offer to us.

Years ago, I was living in a little bush cabin high on a mountain top surrounded by beautiful flowers and thousands of acres of pasture and forest.

I spent two years here, painting and spending countless hours riding my two beautiful horses through nearby forestry trails.

When I am painting horse, I like to close my eyes and imagine the feeling of wind racing through hair and mane as we effortlessly canter together along a long stretch of deserted trail.

I love to use unusual and vibrant colours to emphasize their playful spirits and friendly natures.

Sofan Chan

"Journey of Love"
Each limited edition print comes in a variety of sizes and formats, both framed and unframed. Click on any image to view a larger version and read each painting's unique story.

My Friends
In perfect companionship be happy together standing in Life's golden sunlight.

An enduring patient friendship which gently tames even the most wild spirit.

Grace and determination harness the energies of life's powerful forces.


Pure Heart
Only those who remain true to their dreams will catch their unicorn.


Journey of Love
racing with the wind towards a shared destination on a journey of love.

You will be pleased to know that I have framed "Royal Guardians" and what a result it is, one word - WOW. Your paintings do so much for the office atmosphere - the colours alone are so uplifting and the images give off such an incredible energy - everyone just loves them.

Anna Gelle
Sydney Australia

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