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I have always loved painting flowers. Their bright and happy colours, and an endless series of interesting forms are a continual inspiration. My flowers are usually painted from life. I like to catch that special living essence that makes every flower unique.

Even working late at night in my studio, sometimes I close my eyes and imagine I am in my flowering garden on a warm spring day after rain. In my mind I am surrounded by colours and fragrances. Then I paint this feeling.

Water is forever changing. It's fascinating to watch the way light ripples across the surface of a lily pond at sunset. Or the contrast created by the movement of brightly colour ed fishes in a lily pond. It's a wondrous moment of life.

May your life be filled with love and happiness.

Sofan Chan

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"Tranquil Waters "
Each limited edition print comes in a variety of sizes and formats, both framed and unframed. Click on any image to view a larger version and read each painting's unique story.

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Bird of Paradise

Floral wings gracefully
embracing life's beauty.
Ready to soar.

orchid painting
Enchanted Orchid

With soft petals and subtle fragrances orchids are the most sensuous flower.

lily painting

Since ancient times the lily has been a powerful symbol of beauty and purity.

Time Passage

A soothing golden light
shines on the blossoming lily,
easing busy minds.

Sacred Moment

This calming image
gently draws you towards
more peace and tranquility.

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Moonlight Spirit

Blossoming lilies emerge from the tranquil blue waters, creating peace and tranquility.

Blue Lagoon

Drawn to the golden sunlight we swim ever closer to the surface.

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Beneath the Shining Sea

Colourful fishes swirl
and play in the never
ceasing dance of life.

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Floating Lotus

Soft petals on soft water, You calmly float above the surface of all.

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Tranquil Waters

Soft fluid motion
draws us to our centre,
moving through life's waters.

 Whispering to the Fish

A soft voice calls to you gently
about new possibilities
and coming change.

Dancing in the Vortex

Come dance in the playful energising swirl of watery movement.

"My Enchanted Orchid, brings happy memories of Australia right around the world to my home in Rio. See you guys next trip."

Carolyn Brissett

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