Seasonal Gardening for Parents and Kids

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Seasonal Gardening for Parents and Kids

Gardening is an activity that can be fulfilling, relaxing, and great fun. When people garden, they are planting and encouraging new life to grow from the soil. The results of their actions are something that they can not only be proud of, but also appreciate, share and further nurture. As a family activity, it is not just a fun and educational way for parents to spend precious time with their children, but it is also a way for parents to bond with their kids while getting them outdoors into the fresh air and away from televisions and video games.

Gardening is considered a moderate form of exercise, and as such it can help keep kids physically active and fit. In addition, it helps very young children improve their eye-hand coordination and motor skills as they dig and plant in the soil along with their parents. There are many additional benefits to be had when families garden together, and they can be enjoyed year round. While some may see gardening as a spring or summer activity, it is something that families can continue to participate in throughout the year. This includes providing maintenance to the garden, and/or planting and caring for seasonal flowers and plants.

Parents themselves don't have to be gardening experts when it comes to gardening with their kids. This can be a great opportunity for families to learn about gardening together, either through research or by taking a class. For example, together they can go online and research spring, summer, fall, and winter garden plans. The Internet may also be used to research which seasonal flowers will grow in certain areas or parts of the country, when is the ideal time to plant them, and what their care needs are. If temperatures outside are too cold for gardening or for it to be an enjoyable experience, families may consider indoor gardening as a substitute.

An indoor garden project for the family can be an herb garden or a collection of potted plants and trees. When gardening inside of the home it is also necessary to understand what plants grow best indoors and what the appropriate temperature, humidity, and lighting should be. Even some dwarf fruit trees may be grown inside. As with outdoor gardening, families should make this a group effort starting at the planning stage.

When choosing which flowers to plant, select something that is simple and easy to grow. The successful growth of plants is key to keeping children interested in gardening. If plants fail to grow, die easily, or if it no longer feels exciting or fun, kids can easily become discouraged or lose interest. This is why selecting simple to grow plants is crucial as is planting them during the right season.

For more information on seasonal gardening for parents and kids, please review the following list of links.

Some of Sofan's Beautiful artworks related to nature and gardening
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Bird of Paradise
Floral wings gracefully
embracing life's beauty.
Ready to soar.

orchid painting
Enchanted Orchid
With soft petals and subtle fragrances orchids are the most sensuous flower.

lily painting
Since ancient times the lily has been a powerful symbol of beauty and purity.

Time Passage
A soothing golden light
shines on the blossoming lily,
easing busy minds.


Sacred Moment
This calming image
gently draws you towards
more peace and tranquility.

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Moonlight Spirit
Blossoming lilies emerge from the tranquil blue waters, creating peace and tranquility.

Blue Lagoon
Drawn to the golden sunlightwe swim ever closer to the surface.


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Beneath the Shining Sea
Colourful fishes swirl
and play in the never
ceasing dance of life.

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Floating Lotus
Soft petals on soft water, You calmly float above the surface of all.

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Tranquil Waters
Soft fluid motion
draws us to our centre,
moving through life's waters.

 Whispering to the Fish
A soft voice calls to you gently
about new possibilities
and coming change.

Dancing in the Vortex
Come dance in the playful energising swirl of watery movement.

"My Enchanted Orchid, brings happy memories of Australia right around the world to my home in Rio. See you guys next trip."

Carolyn Brissett



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